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I started off my life as an artist making jewelry. Sterling silver hand wrought one of a kind jewelry. First I bought the stones that I would incorporate into my jewelry but later I got the urge to create my own cabochons thus being able to control the shape and color myself. Glass was the answer to my desire. Hence I bought a kiln, glass and all the necessary tools to start me on my new venture. Now, a few years later, I have taken that idea a few steps further and created what I call “wall jewelry”. An extension of my glass cabochons. The same but bigger. Big enough to hang on the wall or rest on a stand or easel.

My desire to create and design is driven both by transparent  and opaque glass , or sometimes a combination of the two. There are no rules how to use them. Often I make a whole piece with only powdered glass – with or without solid pieces.  However, the base, which is my canvas, is always a solid piece of glass. It can be any color.

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